Stand for Office!

Crowdpac’s tools are designed to open up politics. Stand for office yourself, or nominate someone else for any elected role in the country - from national politics to your local town or neighbourhood. We’ll create a campaign page to gather support and endorsements. You can even start collecting crowdfunding pledges before a candidacy is officially declared. Who do you want to get elected? No need to ask permission: get started today by clicking one of the buttons below!

How it works

Nominate yourself or someone else, and create a Crowdpac campaign page

Start collecting endorsements and pledges of support

Once the candidate declares they are standing, pledges convert into campaign donations

Nominate anyone as a candidate, create a campaign page and gather support.

You can nominate yourself or someone else you’d like to stand – no need to ask permission! It works on desktop and mobile, and takes just a few minutes.

Start collecting pledges to donate – even before a candidacy is officially declared.

It costs money to win elections –but crowdfunding makes this easier, opening up politics and reducing the power of big donors. Pledges made on Crowdpac turn into donations once the candidate declares they are running for the role.

Test support for a candidate, gather endorsements and climb the leaderboard.

People click to show support for a candidate, and post a message explaining why. Crowdpac tracks your total number of endorsements, and features race pages and candidate leaderboards for key contests.


Pledge campaigns allow prospective candidates and campaigns to receive pledge donations. Enabling individuals to test the electoral waters and their base of support before committing to a campaign. A pledge donation does not charge a donor’s card - a donor’s card is only charged should the campaign creator or candidate choose to declare and convert their pledges into donations. If a candidate or campaign declares, our payment processing partner Stripe will charge your payment card, and the donation will be transferred to your chosen campaign.

Pledge campaign donations do not charge an individual’s payment card, the card will only be charged if the campaign creator or candidate chooses to declare or convert their pledges into donations.

To convert your pledges into donations please email our campaign support team at

To edit your campaign, please provide an outline of the changes you’d like to make and email them to our campaign support team at

Yes, donations are processed by our payment processor, Stripe, and distributed automatically to the candidate or campaign. At present Crowdpac charges a total fee of 5% on all campaigns. Circa 3% of this fee goes to Stripe to cover payment processing and card fees, and the remainder goes to support Crowdpac's platform and operations. This fee is significantly less than what most other crowdfunding platforms charge. Pledged donations that do not convert to donations incur no fee from anyone.

Crowdpac is your platform for political participation.

Who do you want to get elected? Nominate yourself, someone new to politics or your favourite candidate using the buttons below: