After the resignation of David Cameron from Parliament, a by-election will be held in Witney on 20th October 2016. The Conservative candidate will be selected by the party in the next few days. Below you can see the profiles of prospective candidates who have been nominated on Crowdpac.

Compare where they stand politically based on Crowdpac’s exclusive data - our unique ideological map is at the bottom of this page. Then have your say, by supporting any of the Conservative candidates you want to see follow David Cameron as Witney’s MP.
James Mills
Ian Hudspeth
Daniel Hannan
Toby Young
Esther McVey
Liam Walker
George Osborne
Syed Kamall
61% Liberty
75% Right
51% Authority
69% Right
73% Liberty
94% Right
67% Liberty
79% Right
63% Authority
83% Right
64% Authority
91% Right
65% Liberty
69% Right
75% Liberty
88% Right
8 Supported
3 Supported
233 Supported
10 Supported
17 Supported
5 Supported
118 Supported
0 Supported
Support from Crowdpac users

He's a dedicated local politician, regardless of nasty Tories on the national level, he's a great guy.

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Daniel Jones:

It's an absolute shame that Hannan hasn't a greater influence on the party / doesn't run for MP. Hannan is intelligent, wise, concise and is totally w…


He's a great bloke

Prashant Garg:

He is a classical liberal

Keith Laurence:

I support Toby Young because his views are thoughtful and discerning

Michae A. Ellis:

Seeing as we now have our second female Prime Minister and UKIP have elected its first female leader, (not seeing many female leaders of the so-called…


She stands for a lot of the things I believe in and also we need more female MPs in parliament.

Brian Osborne:

Good solid Coservative values.

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Victor Horn:


al townley:

He knows how to make money


Because sensible economic management is in our blood

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Map of Candidates’ Positions

Here’s where the candidates stand politically, based on Crowdpac’s objective data model and social network analysis: