The next Labour leader will be chosen in a postal ballot of party members, supporters and affiliates by 21 September 2016. Below you can see the profiles of the declared candidates and other potential contenders nominated by Crowdpac users. Explore their political positions, and support those with whom you agree.
Jeremy Corbyn
David Miliband
Owen Smith
Angela Eagle
Yvette Cooper
Lisa Nandy
Dan Jarvis
Chuka Umunna
83% Liberty
96% Left
71% Liberty
62% Left
61% Liberty
81% Left
56% Liberty
79% Left
58% Authority
66% Left
72% Liberty
86% Left
51% Authority
70% Left
76% Liberty
73% Left
2080 Supported
439 Supported
584 Supported
148 Supported
506 Supported
88 Supported
67 Supported
306 Supported
Support from Crowdpac users
Adam Towns:

why not


he is the only true socialist representative we have. The working classes (and in particular, the public sector employees), have been forced into pa…


I admire his obvious integrity, his humanity and compassion, alongside his strength (yes, he's strong - look at what he's withstood - and he's "stable…

Sahil Arora:

He could've saved Labour.

Kirsty Melville:

Gawn Yir Self Daviee

James Souter:

We need good reasoning,solid thinking and proper leadership. Millband should seek to re enter British politics as soon as he is able.

Michael Boagey:

we need a leader & Mr. Corbyn has demonstrated he does not hold these properties.

Jenny Eckersley:

Jeremy Corbyn will reduce the Labour Party to complete unelectability

Andrew Southgate:

He strikes me as being a better leader and will have greater respect amongst Labour MPs and should therefore be able to unite them behind him. His po…

everton herbert:

She has her finger on life pulse.

Finlay Gordon-McCusker:

A strong Labour woman, someone who has a very bright future in our party.

Vince Barry:

This quiz said so ;)

Paul Tomlinson:

She shares my moderate, soft left, pragmatic and practical views of how to make politics and the country better for the many!


Yvette takes a pragmatic approach to socialist values in relation to modern economics by providing solutions that are fair to everyone's engagement wi…


I support Yvette - she should have been the party leader and we would not be in this position. I am a reluctant remainer. We need the EU to give the U…

Michael Goodier:

Go Lisa!

Irvin J Philliams:

She's a an effective critic of the govt

Martin Akiyama:

Although I don't know much about what positions Dan Jarvis holds, I think his background and pragmatism might help a Jarvis-led Labour party win votes…

Abtin Cyrus:

He is a strong remainer.

Hywel Jeffcott:

He agrees with me.

Barry Cassidy:

Well this is what I've been saying all along - I'm still Labour in my blood, just not with Corbyn!


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Map of Candidates’ Positions

Here’s where the candidates stand politically, based on Crowdpac’s objective data model and social network analysis: