The National Executive Committee is the main decision making body of the Labour Party in between annual conferences. Labour Party members can choose six representatives by postal ballot or online voting between July 11th and August 5th. Below you can see the profiles of the declared candidates. Explore their political positions, and support those with whom you agree.
Luke Akehurst
Bex Bailey
Christine Shawcroft
Claudia Webbe
Darren Williams
Eddie Izzard
Ellie Reeves
Johanna Baxter
Parmjit Dhanda
Peter Willsman
Peter Wheeler
Rhea Wolfson
53% Liberty
73% Left
72% Liberty
80% Left
76% Liberty
94% Left
81% Liberty
93% Left
78% Liberty
94% Left
83% Liberty
86% Left
56% Liberty
79% Left
56% Liberty
78% Left
63% Liberty
76% Left
77% Liberty
94% Left
65% Liberty
86% Left
78% Liberty
93% Left
101 Supported
62 Supported
45 Supported
33 Supported
18 Supported
84 Supported
50 Supported
39 Supported
57 Supported
32 Supported
66 Supported
39 Supported
Support from Crowdpac users
Isabel Barber:

He's a top gent

Lohrasb Amjadi:

He shares most of my views in mainstream politics.

Christos Papageorgiou:

We share the same values

Dominic O'Dell:

She is the true voice of equality in the Labour Party! And she is passionate and committed! I really admire her!

Janet Portman:

I have listened to what she says and agree with her, intelligent and honest also that she supports Jeremy Corbin as I do.

Sally Richardson:

She is hardworking, decent and does a lot for true Labour values in the Party.

No messages of support

No messages of support

Norman Christie:

He speaks his mind and stands up to the hypocrisy of the likes of Nigel Farage.

Catherine Dixon:


Steve Grout:

Because we share very similar views!

Christos Papageorgiou:

we share the same values

Dr S F Higgins:

She's thinking centre left like me


Because we need a Country that works fairly for the people

Chris Newby-Robson:

I see that she supports my point of view

Andrew David Smith:

Because his views chime with mine according to this test

Stephen Howse:

he stands for the same values I do

Greg Gregory:

We share a dream of a more equal society.

David Quinn:

He seems to agree with me on many issues!

James Wright Fisher:

ECAUSE, BECAUSE, BECAUSE, BECAUSE, Because of the wonderful things that Labour propose to do.

Sally Richardson:

He is a good left winger who knows the system and how it works and how to make it work for us, and a brilliant and funny speaker!

David Fallows:

He is from my home city of Salford and he holds similar views to my own


He would be a good match plus the fact that he is a remain person (which I am!

Peter Wheeler:

We need a voice I for ordinary labour members and supporters on the NEC

Catherine Dixon:

Why not

Brian Gent:

I am a moderate left. Certain members of the established Labour Party have used underhand tactics to manipulate events. Research leads me to believeā€¦

Jim Carr:

Rhea's political and economic position aligns itself with my own.


Based on endorsements made on Crowdpac.