After the resignation of David Cameron from Parliament, a by-election will be held in Witney on 20th October 2016. Below you can see the profiles of the declared candidates who are standing for his seat.

Have your say, by supporting any of the candidates you want to see follow David Cameron as Witney’s MP.
Robert Courts
Liz Leffman
Larry Sanders
Duncan Enright
Winston McKenzie
English Democrats
Dickie Bird
61% Authority
76% Right
73% Liberty
71% Left
86% Liberty
96% Left
61% Liberty
78% Left
82% Authority
84% Right
85% Authority
81% Right
2 Supported
4 Supported
3 Supported
7 Supported
0 Supported
0 Supported
Support from Crowdpac users
Brent Buskell:

He is a 'brexiteer' and we need to keep the momentum going !

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James Moulding:

Like his brother, he is an inspiration

Crowdpac UK:

He is an inspiration

Martin Sookias:

His political vision is global, while his concern for local issues is clear and directed. I heard him speak at the Charlbury Hustings a week ago, and…

David Heyes:

He is by some distance the best candidate and I can never forgive the LibDems for their part in the destruction of the NHS.

Brian Dicks:

I want a Labour government lead by Jeremy Corbin

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