After the death of Jo Cox MP, a by-election will be held in Batley & Spen on 20th October 2016. The Labour candidate will be selected by the party in the next few days. Below you can see the profiles of the short-listed candidates.

Compare where they stand politically based on Crowdpac’s exclusive data - our unique ideological map is at the bottom of this page. Then have your say, by supporting any of the Labour candidates you want to see follow Jo Cox as Batley & Spen's MP.
Tracy Brabin
Jane Thomas
David Miliband
63% Liberty
81% Left
76% Liberty
89% Left
71% Liberty
62% Left
3 Supported
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439 Supported
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Sahil Arora:

He could've saved Labour.

Kirsty Melville:

Gawn Yir Self Daviee

James Souter:

We need good reasoning,solid thinking and proper leadership. Millband should seek to re enter British politics as soon as he is able.


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