Gerard Coyne for UNITE: McCluskey Must Go!

Why you should support Gerard Coyne

by John Maguire, Unite member

Unite the Union is now electing its General Secretary. Our current leader Len McCluskey is standing again for another five year term – which I find totally unacceptable. I do not want to be represented by someone who spends all his time playing politics with my union. I do not want to be represented by someone who has borrowed over £400,000 of Unite members’ hard earned contributions - on top of his generous salary and pension - to help buy his London apartment. And how do we argue against the Tories raising the state pension age when Len wants to be General Secretary into his 70s?

My name is John Maguire, and I am a Unite member over 30 years and former convenor of Visteon/Ford in Belfast. I was the trade union leader who started with the help of other Unite members the seven-week Visteon sit-in campaign, which spread to Basildon and Enfield and led to substantial compensation for all our Visteon members. I also wrote the Visteon/Ford occupation play. At present I drive a taxi in Belfast.

I want to see our union change. I want to see decent, honest leadership that cares first and foremost about the ordinary members. I have seen up close the ugly way Len operates. I am fed up of the murky financial deals and the culture of bullying and intimidation at the top of Unite.

I am supporting Gerard Coyne to be General Secretary of Unite the Union because I want to see things change for the better.

Gerard Coyne has got a vision for Unite. He is on the side of the members – and he wants to put the focus back on defending us. He plans to clean up the union and give us better value for our subscription money. He wants Unite to put much more focus on skills, training and apprenticeships. And he wants to change the culture of Unite so we can be proud of our union once again.

He gets it – we need modern, powerful unions to tackle low quality, insecure employment.

Gerard will need money to run his campaign and get his message to the members. Last time there was an election for General Secretary in 2013 just 15% of the members voted. That’s why Len was elected on the votes of just one in ten members!

We need to increase turnout in this election, so that we the members can take back control of our union. This means getting in touch directly with 1.4 million people – and that costs money.

Len must go – let’s crowdfund the campaign to stop him. Will you join me and support Gerard by making a donation to his campaign?

This campaign can make all the difference. Please give whatever you can, no matter how big or small.All funds raised here will go directly to the campaign’s bank account.

You can also get in touch with Gerard’s campaign through his website, Facebook or Twitter:

FB: Vote Gerard Coyne

John Maguire, trade union organiser of the Visteon sit-in campaign

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19 Jan 2017

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