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On Dec. 20, we announced a plan to staff a permanent opposition base in Washington, DC. From this house - codenamed District 13 - we’ll coordinate nonviolent resistance to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda.

You responded by saying "Let's go!"

When Trump and tries to open up national parkland to fracking, we’ll be right up in his orange face. When Trump and his Republican Congress and billionaire cabinet try to gut and privatize Medicare and Social Security, we’ll be right there in their faces. When they try to fast track regressive judges and steal women’s rights, we’ll be there.

Our community of progressive revolutionaries - including People for Bernie Sanders and Really American - helped us raise significant funding in just the first week. Now we’re seeking matching funds and talking to DC landlords to make sure we’re in place before the inauguration to support the Women’s and Millennial marches. This is happening!

What now? We're getting very close to full funding for a year have a ways to go - our total goal for DC is $60,000 and thanks to your outpouring of support we've received a $10,000 matching donation. Any extra funds you give will go towards logistics and programming and we are also looking for opportunities to open additional movement houses in red states.

Trump’s agenda is deadly serious and we are, too.

Who are we?

This project has three teams:

Action Faction: The folks who run things day to day, pick partners to support, and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

  • Moumita Ahmed (Millennials for Revolution)
  • Erika Peralta (former Color of Change PAC, Tim Canova for Congress)
  • Jay Carmona (former 350.org)
  • Stan Williams (African Americans for Bernie, former NNU staff, OWS)
  • Betsy Avila (Digital Organizing, Democracy at Work, former Young Democratic Socialists National Coordinator)
  • Desiree Kane (#NoDAPL, The Indian Problem, The People's Summit, Netroots Nation, Knight Foundation)
  • Meghan Brophy (Organizing 2.0, Student at Barnard College, Young Democratic Socialists Coordinating Committee)
  • Anoa Changa (African Americans for Bernie, MPACT)
  • Amirah Sequeira (NNU, former Health GAP and Student Global AIDS Campaign staff)

Logistics: The folks helping us raise money, hold the rental contract, offer legal support, and keep us out of trouble. (Our attorneys have asked not to be listed publicly.)

Advisors: Our movement leader friends we are counting on to keep us honest, offer opportunities for this house to be useful, and mentor us.

  • Nadine Bloch (Direct Action trainer, puppeteer, author) DC
  • Becky Bond ( Former Senior Advisor to Bernie2016, Co-author of Rules for Revolutionaries)
  • Rapi Castillo (founder, Progressive Coders Network)
  • Libero Della Piana (Director of Digital Organizing, People’s Action)
  • Zack Exley ( Founder, Brand New Congress, Former Senior Advisor to Bernie2016)
  • Maria Svart (Director, Democratic Socialists of America)
  • Leewana Thomas (OUR Walmart, Former co-director of United Students Against Sweatshops)
  • Nomiki Konst ( Surrogate for Bernie Sanders, Host of SXMProgress Contributor CBSN live )
  • Jennifer Flynn Walker (Walker Strategies, former Health GAP, VocalNY)
  • Billy Wimsatt (Director, Movement 2016, Gamechangers, VoteMob)

[Note: organizations listed for identification purposes only!]


What is the primary use of this house?

To be used by organizers from outside Washington DC, while in Washington DC, in support of protest, creative/nonviolent direct action, and movement building.

Will certain people get to live in this house full time?

In general, no; but we will have some people live here for longer periods as caretakers to ensure continuity and responsible stewarding. This is not a housing solution for some lucky activists; it’s a shared resource to be put in use.

Why is this resource important?

We are activists and organizers mostly from outside of Washington DC. Most of us know what it’s like to be without enough resources. As we look towards (at least) four years of a Trump Administration, we expect numerous mobilizations and actions to take shape. This "house of resistance" will serve the movements and organizers who most need it, providing a base of operations, a comfortable resting spot, and a home away from home.

What is your timeline?

We’d like to move in before the Women’s March and other "anti-inauguration’" activities take place on January 21st. A number of organizers have committed to help equip the house and assist with the mobilizations.

How long will District 13 exist?

Our current plan is to raise enough funds to last a year. That’s enough time to see if this is worth doing longer. For us, this entire project is an experiment in capacity building.

How will District 13 interact with local Washington DC activists and organizations?

We’re clear that this is not an intervention in the local politics of Washington DC. We expect to have a very limited role in local or community issues based there. That said, we are including local organizing stalwarts to advise us and guide us in forming strong and productive relationships. We note in particular the DC Action Lab, Institute for Policy Studies and the Washington Peace Center as being in the activist community we seek to interact with.

What about operations outside DC?

We aim to create a model that local activists outside DC can do in their own city or state. Similar to the way our digital operation has been a success, we want activists to see a good idea and run with it. We can’t buy a house in DC, but activists could in Harrisburg. We’ll be able to show them how to resist and organize in their communities.

Who will District 13 be accountable to?

The names listed above, the movements and organizations they are part of, and the community of donors and supporters forming around this project. Financially and legally, we will be a business with strong protections for those listed on the lease. (This business will generate no profit.)

What does this fundraiser pay for?

Our initial goal is to raise at least $50,000. This will cover a year’s rent for a house in Capitol Hill. If we can raise more, we’ll use it to help with travel stipends for activists, logistical support for actions, and hosting/food expenses.

What if I want to support the project anonymously, by check, or have a non-monetary donation?

Email us at house@district13house.org - we're happy to provide an address for donations by mail. Thank you!

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4 Jan 2017

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