Why you should support #TWT2016


UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! As of 12pm Friday, together we have raised a massive £9,980 from 505 donations, with the average individual donation being around £18. All this support so far has been integral to making the event a reality. This money has enabled us to subsidise coaches, book accommodation and ensure that the costs associated with the venue are covered.

But please don’t stop now! Our venue alone costs around £10,000. We want to be able to provide more subsidised transport and accommodation on top of this, along with a whole host of other measures to make the event as accessible to as many people as possible.

Every donation, no matter how small, is helping us to create The World Transformed and we can’t wait to welcome you to the festival in less than 24 hours!


As part of the Labour Party Conference fringe, Momentum will host four days of politics, art, music and culture called ‘The World Transformed’. We’ll have big name contributors such as Ken Loach, Diane Abbott MP, Clive Lewis MP, Owen Jones, Ann Pettifor, John McDonnell MP, the Chapman Brothers & Arabella Dorman, but also fantastic grassroots voices such as Disabled People Against the Cuts, Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

#TWT2016 will be free and open to the general public.

What will #TWT2016 be like?

The event will be a space of inclusive and respectful debate, where attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to a radical, positive vision for the 21st century. The World Transformed is about providing a platform for often unheard grassroots voices, while at the same time making the links between politics, art and culture. We also firmly believe that politics is about more than just Westminster, and we’re really happy to be hosting #TWT2016 in Liverpool, a city with an inspiring radical history and culture.

Jeremy Corbyn said the following about #TWT2016: “I’m going to be there, because I want to see a world transformed. All those people, with all those ideas, ambitions and energy, are going to be there as well. Come along and join us - you’ll have a great experience… Doing things together benefits us all, educates us all, makes us strong, and does change the world”.

#TWT2016 will be more than 150 hours of workshops, gigs, talks, spoken word acts, film screenings, comedy and children’s activities spread over multiple venues in the city centre. Our main venue is the Black-E, a striking former Georgian chapel which is now a community arts centre in the heart of Chinatown, Liverpool.

View the full event lineup here.

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Why we need your help

#TWT2016 is going to be incredibly exciting. But we can’t host it without your help, for three reasons:

  • We are a group of volunteers, working with a very small budget.

  • We are committed to making sure the festival stays free and accessible for all. This means we won’t make any money from ticket sales.

  • We are paying for the travel and accommodation of many grassroots activists who otherwise wouldn’t be able to take part.

What the donations will be spent on

We’re aiming to raise £10,000 worth of donations:

  • £1,000 - Would fund travel for grassroots groups to take part in ‘The World Transformed’.

  • £4,000 - Would fund accommodation for grassroots groups to take part in ‘The World Transformed’.

  • £10,000 - Would help towards venue costs. This is especially important as The Black-E’s funding has been cut by the Tories over the last few years.

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23 Aug 2016

Updates from #TWT2016

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