Why you should support Advance

Advance Together is a fast-growing independent party dedicated to our community and all within it, with 20+ candidates standing for council seats throughout RBKC on 3 May.

We are a new and diverse movement of committed residents who are seeking to change the culture of poor local leadership. We want to join together and create a Council that represents and supports ALL of the people in Kensington and Chelsea. We believe we can change things for the better, BUT we must raise the funds to run a strong campaign. Please give us a donation today - from £1 to £1000, any amount helps.

You may have seen us leafletting at the local tube stations or found our flyer on your doormat. We've already had a great response - in one local poll 64% of residents are likely to vote for a party that puts local interests first. But we can only win with your help.

We are your neighbours and friends: small business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers, community volunteers, skilled professionals and teachers. We are ambitious for our neighbourhoods and our community. We are committed to creating a Council that represents our local needs and aspirations, that better reflects our diversity and treats everyone who lives here with respect, fairness and dignity.

The system in our borough is not working, and the entrenched parties don't have the answers. We need a fresh point of view to set us on a better path, and the candidates of Advance are committed to return Kensington & Chelsea to its status as a beacon borough.

We're smart and lean, practical and optimistic and we think common sense is more important than ideology. We care about the safety and wellbeing of our families. Our priorities are: increasing the vibrancy within our community; sorting out our housing and our high streets; reducing air pollution.

Your encouragement has been tremendous which is why we are asking for your support. But elections are not free, and we don't have much time to get our message out. We are people-powered and cannot run a successful campaign without your backing. To make sure that the 150,000 eligible voters know who we are and what we stand for requires a social media campaign, posters, leaflets, voter registrations and public meetings - all that costs money. Every penny you give us will be spent on the campaign.

We're about to hit our initial goal of £10,000 to kick-start our targeted social media outreach and step up our leafleting and voter conversations, so we've stretched the target to £15,000! To win we'll need to raise more, but this will make us serious contenders. So please, give what you can and let's do this together. Thank you.

For donations over £20, we will send you an Advance Together bumper sticker (smaller than pictured!);

For donations over £100, we will send you an author-signed copy of "Portobello Toad in London";

For donations over £200, we will send you an Advance Together jute bag!

Please note: Advance Together is registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party in Great Britain. Donations over £500 are subject to permissibility checks as required by legislation.

25 Jan 2018

Updates from Advance

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.