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Why you should support Jeremy Corbyn

Foodbanks, rip-off railways, housing crisis, student fees, creeping privatisation of the NHS, cuts to green energy investment, billions wasted on nuclear weapons, tax cuts for corporations.

We know Jeremy Corbyn will never give up and he'll never let us down. Let's support him and get him elected as Labour leader - with an even bigger mandate than last time.

We're up against a campaign funded by millionaires and corporations. We've got to get Jeremy and his team to all these rallies, we've got to print all these leaflets, and we've got to book all these huge venues.

It's up to us.

£24 buys a mobile handset and unlimited minutes & texts which volunteers use for phone banking.

£15 buys 1000 flyers, £5 buys 1000 stickers.

100% of the money goes to the official campaign - to fund our grassroots activities.

(None of it will be spent on ice creams or hiring Alistair Campbell.)

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Support from Crowdpac users

2,080 people are supporting Jeremy Corbyn on Crowdpac.

  • Adam Towns

    “why not”

  • Rhian Rainbow-Pyper

    “An honest leader with principals!”

  • Jaime Johnson

    “Im a 94% match with Jeremy Corbyn! Hoping for a revolution ”

  • jon lansman

    “His values and beliefs are very close to mine, and, as leader of the Labour Party, we agree on political strategy too.”

  • Maxine Butler

    “He is honest and sticks to his principles”

  • Anamul Islam

    “Honest politician!”

  • Jackie Ann

    “I support Jeremy Corbyn because I share his vision of hope for our country”

  • Shiloh Yates

    “He is the best person to save out country from the nasty right.”

  • graham sowter

    “He has integrity, decency and honesty”

  • Iain Woodall-Buchanan

    “It's time to create a fairer society that works for the many, not the few.”

19 Aug 2016

Updates from Jeremy Corbyn

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.