Let's Reboot Labour Movement Debate in 2018

Why you should support LabourList

LabourList is a unique and vital website for the Labour movement. We’re independent and run by party members for party members -- providing an open platform for discussion and debate, alongside detailed coverage of party news and developments that you won’t find anywhere else.

In 2017, Labour’s message of social justice is inspiring people across the country. An amazing 1.3 million people visited LabourList in 2017 – that’s more than twice the current party membership! But we’ve been running the website on the same old technology for six years and frankly it’s not good enough.

So we've come up with a plan to completely overhaul the experience for readers:

  • New servers and tech to speed things up – including lightning-fast mobile pages
  • A fresh design that is clear (and looks great), no matter how you’re reading the site
  • Better integration with Labour debates on Facebook and Twitter
  • Custom tools to help the LabourList team in the newsroom

2018 will be a massive year for our movement, with historic decisions to argue over and big campaigns to fight.

LabourList has always played a crucial role in empowering party members and supporters to explore the arguments and build our movement. Now we want to do an even better job – but we need to raise £5,000 this December to make this upgrade happen! – so please, give whatever you can today:

  • DONATE £10: Exclusive ‘sneak peeks’ of the new site as it's in development and opportunities to feed back
  • DONATE £20: The above, plus your name listed in ‘Thank You’ page on the site with a link to your CLP or other Labour group/cause of your choice
  • DONATE £50: All of the above, plus personal letter of thanks from the LabourList editor
  • DONATE £75: Be a ‘HTML Hero’. All of the above, plus being immortalised in a hidden comment in the source code of every single page served from our site
  • DONATE £100: All of the above, plus VIP entry to LabourList Karaoke in Liverpool 2018
  • DONATE £250: All of the above, plus a VIP ticket to next LabourList dinner on the editor's table
  • DONATE £500: All of the above, plus sitting in with the LabourList editor on a big name interview

LabourList readers have played a huge part in making the site as broad, relevant and popular as it is today. We know how much you like to read and debate the selection battles, union campaigns and manifesto ideas that are featured on LabourList.

Now we want your help to make the site fit for the next chapter of our movement, and to build toward the next election – whenever it comes. We know the Conservative Party and the right-wing media have more big donor money – but that just makes it more important to organise together and fight back against the Tory lie machine.

The Labour movement is a community - and LabourList is too. We depend on you, our readers and supporters. So please do give whatever you can to reboot the website that believes in speaking for the many, not the few. We promise you’ll see the difference in 2018!

18 Dec 2017

Updates from LabourList

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.