Why you should support Wandsworth Labour

Labour is close to winning Wandsworth Council on May 3rd and you can help us take the Council from the Tories.

Wandsworth is a London council which has been Tory for 40 years and was Margaret Thatcher's favourite council. In the last 15 years they've sold off 24,000 council houses and built just 243.

Winning Wandsworth would send shockwaves to the Tories and set Labour up for the general election, whenever it comes.

We have lots of local and national support but the Tories always have more money from big donors. You can be a part of the #WandsworthLabourGain story on May 3rd by making a donation today.

Your donation, small or large, will be very welcome and go straight to the Wandsworth Labour fund. Many voters haven't decided how to vote so your donation will pay for leaflets and promotion of our positive Labour message in the crucial next few weeks.

Please donate what you can to the Wandsworth Labour campaign fund and we'll keep you updated on the progress of the campaign.

9 Nov 2017

Updates from Wandsworth Labour

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.