We need your help to keep fighting boycotts of Israel

Why you should support We Believe In Israel

We Believe in Israel is a broad coalition of British supporters of Israel which focuses on developing a grassroots pro-Israel movement.

Over the last few years We Believe in Israel has had a real impact. We are winning the battle against boycotts and other attacks on Israel.

We’ve doubled the size of our network to 16,000 activists in two years, campaigning for Israel across the country and sending thousands of letters to the Government, MPs and public organisations whenever an Israel related issue arises.

We’ve helped build and support a nationwide structure of local pro-Israel groups.

We’ve done hugely successful targeted work in the sectors of British society with the most anti-Israel activity. For example we prevented local councils adopting boycotts of Israel by setting up a Local Government Friends of Israel group and recruiting more than 650 councillors to it. We now take two delegations of local councillors to Israel every year.

Our anti-boycott message is getting through to the general public – according to our annual opinion poll, last year there was an increase in public opposition to boycotts to 51%, an increase of 8% in just one year, which is an incredible achievement.

But to maintain this momentum and continue to fight for Israel, we urgently need to raise £50,000 to pay for anti-boycott initiatives and pro-Israel campaigning.

Will you chip in to make sure the anti-Israel campaigners don’t get the upper hand?

Israel’s opponents have resources - plentiful funding, staff and data – and they are raising their game. We need to redouble our efforts to combat them.

We have fantastic grassroots volunteers but we need additional funding to reach far more people through social media, so that we can build a movement of 50,000 activists that will have a decisive impact on the Israel debate in this country.

Whatever you give will go straight into frontline campaigning.

Thank you for supporting We Believe in Israel.

11 Sep 2017

Updates from We Believe In Israel

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.