In A Sea of Conservative Blue, Let’s Turn Britain’s Oldest Recorded Town Red

Why you should support Colchester Labour Party

Colchester is a critical Labour marginal seat and we are the only challenger party who can beat the Tories in this part of Essex.

The Tories are dismantling the NHS and cutting public services across Essex, as they are in the rest of the country. Essex needs a Labour MP to stand up for Colchester. Britain needs a Labour Government with a convincing socialist agenda, with social equality and fairness at its core, to stand up for the people of Britain.

We need an MP for the many, not the few.

In the County Election in May this year, Colchester was one of only two seats to change hands in North Essex, just after Cllr Lee Scordis took Abbey from the Liberal Democrats, he said:

“We have worked hard here, which has paid off - Looking ahead to the general election it is a good sign – on the county council map half of Colchester is red now. Colchester could become a Labour/Conservative marginal.”

How right he was.

In the 2015 UK Parliamentary Election Labour came third behind the Liberal Democrats.

But In Two Years How Times Have Changed: We are now a marginal seat with the Tories, after coming second in June with a staggering 18,888 votes. We more than doubled our vote on 2015, and forced the Lib Dems into third place, who polled only 9,087 votes, less than half of our vote. Confirming what we already knew, only Labour can beat the Tories in Colchester. Our local candidate Cllr Tim Young ran an incredible campaign, increasing our share of the vote by a staggering 19.1%. Next time, we know we can win.

Colchester Labour Party needs your help, to enable us mobilise to win next time.

The Brexit result means we have a government in disarray, with an early General Election expected in the near future your donations will allow us to produce leaflets and critical campaign materials. Your support can give local volunteers the means and the impetus to deliver Labour’s agenda of a fairer and equal society - for the many, not the few.

Colchester Labour can win in Essex and show the Tories and the country that there is an alternative, and that alternative is now Labour.

Please give a donation today -- any amount will help, from £1 to £1000!

Thank you.

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Promoted by Cllr Dave Harris, 12 Prince Philip Road, Colchester, CO2 8PA, on behalf of Colchester CLP.

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11 Sep 2017

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