Hurricane Irma - climate emergency, crowdfund the rescue!

Why you should support Hurricane Irma Climate Emergency

The news today is heartbreaking. Hurricane Irma -- the most powerful superstorm ever recorded in the Atlantic -- is laying waste to the Caribbean.

Barbuda, St Martin, the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla are utterly destroyed. Tens of thousands of people have lost literally everything.

This is a climate emergency -- we citizens must step up and shame the government into bolder action.

That’s why I’m launching this urgent crowdfunding appeal: all funds donated will go directly to the Red Cross and other humanitarian efforts on the ground -- please give whatever you can today.

Gaston Browne, the leader of Antigua and Barbuda, just said: “The science is clear. Climate change is real in the Caribbean.” More devastation is coming, as Irma barrels toward Florida with hurricane Jose fast on her heels.

Imagine if that was where you lived? Almost every house on your street damaged. City blocks levelled. Roofs ripped off buildings. Boats piled up like toys. People in your community hurt or even dead. No electricity. No running water.

It’s blindingly obvious that climate breakdown is making these storms more likely -- and it’s making them worse. We can’t ignore climate chaos anymore. We need to talk about it, and we need to act.

Please give whatever you can to this Climate Emergency crowdfunder right now! Let’s challenge the government to step up their relief efforts for those whose lives have been destroyed in the Caribbean -- and to end their climate crimes.

Storms like Irma are made more likely and more severe because of the choices made by governments like our own. They subsidise fossil fuels, they promote fracking and they slash support for renewables. Instead they need to be making choices that keep our global climate within safe limits.

Crowdpac has agreed to waive its fees on this crowdfunder due to its humanitarian nature, so all funds donated will be passed directly to relief organisations working on the ground

7 Sep 2017

Updates from Hurricane Irma Climate Emergency

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.