Take back Pembrokeshire. On Unseat Stephen Crabb Day!

Why you should support Momentum West Wales

The Tories are on the run across the UK—and with a tiny 314 vote majority in Preseli Pembrokeshire, so is Stephen Crabb's failing campaign. How much would you give to unseat Stephen Crabb?

Well Pembrokeshire, our wait is finally over. After the biggest swing back to Labour since 1945 having been achieved by people-powered campaigning alone, we, the people, can do it—and deliver a democratic revolution in the ballot box.

TV media star and top Guardian journalist Owen Jones, with special guests, is coming to Pembrokeshire this October—for a colossal campaign day against the Tories.

But we don't want this to be just like any ordinary campaign day.

The funds you help us raise—for a stage, PA, posters and many other costs—could create for our county not just an epic hour of speeches and day of door-knocking, but one of the most unprecedented political events in the history of Pembrokeshire.

And it doesn't just stop with one great rally. Every penny of what we raise will go directly into funding the upcoming efforts by Labour activists to help make Wales a Tory-free zone, forever. Fundraising on this scale would not just pay for one great event, but the materials we need to mass canvass on a pre-election scale never before seen in the West.

As part of the day the People's Assembly against Austerity will be hosting a comedy and variety night at which Mark McGowen, YouTube's Artist Taxi Driver, will be among the brilliant acts. Get your tickets here!

Help us kickstart the movement that will be the end of Tory rule in Pembrokeshire. And together, we can build a Wales for the many. Not the few.

7 Sep 2017

Updates from Momentum West Wales

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