Why you should support #Unseat Philip Davies

Tory MP Philip Davies is a sexist bigot and a national disgrace. He has repeatedly used his position to undermine legislation tackling domestic and sexual violence against women. He's demanded the very word "women" is stripped from the women and and equalities committee. In 2016, he spoke at a conference launched by the Justice for Men and Boys party, which publishes disgusting online articles like '13 reasons women lie about being raped'.

He consistently voted against equal rights for LGBT people, including equal marriage. As you'd expect, he's also consistently voted for legislation that has caused huge human misery, like the bedroom tax, slashing in-work benefits for the working poor, and lower benefits for disabled people.

This man is not fit to be an MP. In 2015, his majority was 9,642. This year, it more than halved to 4,681. We can defeat Davies. Labour has an inspiring vision - of investment not cuts, of tax justice, of ending tuition fees, a genuine living wage, and public ownership. We also have a grassroots army.

That's why we need your help. Philip Davies' party is bankrolled by the millionaires and billionaires who have done so well out of Tory policies. We're a grassroots army, and we can only win with your support. Please donate what you can - however small or large a donation - and help us defeat him.

We don't know when an election will be called - but we'll only have a chance of winning Shipley by campaigning now. Make history - and replace a sexist bigot with a Labour MP who will champion the aspirations and hopes of the majority.

All donations will go to the Shipley Constituency Labour Party for local campaigning to unseat Philip Davies.

6 Sep 2017

Updates from #Unseat Philip Davies

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