Why you should support The Young European

The Young European’ is an organization consisting entirely of young people with a great passion to instigate change and to bring a new perspective to noticeable news stories. For us to be able to carry on inspiring other young minds we need as much support as possible – we need YOUR support.

For this reason, we are kindly asking you to donate a small sum of money that will help us a great deal. In donating you secure the future of 'The Young European'. 100% of what you donate helps us to carry on paying our young writers and it allows us to continue delivering high-quality articles with honest and faithful journalism.

It also means we can keep the website advert free, which is different to many other blogs and newspaper companies, to ensure that you get the best experience whilst maneuvering around our site.

Through donating and becoming a reader, you will have access to the Editor of the newspaper by email, so that you can let us know how we’re doing.

Most importantly, you will help us to carry on promoting the youth’s participation in modern-day journalism; allowing young people to experience new and exciting opportunities such as gaining access to Chatham House Institute.

We value our writers and readers and we want to be able to have a bright future so please help if you can.

The Young European has been very lucky in gaining the support of a very generous donor who has helped us and guided us through putting together our budget and core principles. We've already spent hundreds on our website, newspaper, and promotional video. Below is a full account of everything we hope to spend your donations on.

Writers Wages: £10,296

Our team of 5 writers earns £6.50 per article and 4p per online article view. Whilst the figure to pay our journalists will be far higher, we hope to make up the rest through events, publishing, and advertisements.

Events: £800

Each year we will we hold an annual Young European Event, which will invite readers and people alike to learn about what we as news company hope to achieve as we move forward. It will also act as an opportunity for us to reflect on all the great news stories we've covered so far, and what we think has stood out the most. With the support of The New College Of The Humanities, our events will be held at the University in Bloomsbury, London, where academics and guest writers will join our journalist to further take questions from our inquisitive audience. There will be no charge to come to these events but spaces will be limited.

Chatham House Membership: £465

The Young European is like no other Newspaper/News outlet. Our writers are dear to us and we want to invest in their future. In making sure they gain the most out of writing for us, we want them to have the opportunity to have access to the most renowned and up to date research institute. Each year 3 of our journalists will gain the opportunity to join Chatham House Institute For International affairs, through our funding. We hope that the talks and events they attend at Chatham house will give them that extra piece of knowledge and information when coming to write about serious and difficult stories.

Website & Social Media: £700

We're constantly adding and changing things on our website. Quite often we use Facebook ads to boost readership on our articles and sometimes we have to buy the rights to use video footage for our online videos. We've already spent hundreds doing this and so the allocated funds for this will allow us to carry on doing so. For an example of how these funds might be used, check out our promotional video.

Legal Insurance: £1,500

Operating as a news outlet/newspaper has its risks and it has its chances of it leading to possible legal disputes. Whilst we know that our content is adequate for distribution we've been advised to take out legal insurance in case anyone wishes to take us to court on a matter in the future. It's a situation we hope never to encounter but better safe than sorry.

Contingency (5%) : £688

We've set a contingency of 5%. The Contingency will be to cover anything extra we may have left out or not considered (e.g damage to orders, any unforeseen costs).

What's unique about The Young European is that all of our writers are between the ages of 16 and 25. Nowhere else will young people gain the opportunity to do such an array of things within media whilst at the same time getting paid. Support for our young writers, editors and designers are paramount to us continuing with our work. In donating you'd be supporting future academics and journalist in the world of current affairs. We hope to have you on board and to see you at our events in the future.

Thank You.

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21 Aug 2017

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