Why you should support Chipping Barnet Labour Party

With your help, Chipping Barnet can elect a Labour MP at the next election.

Theresa Villiers’s majority of 7500 was reduced to just 353 in June 2017.

More people voted against her, than voted for her. We want to tell people who voted Liberal Democrat or Green, that by voting Labour next time, we can oust another Tory MP and return a Labour government.

The people of Chipping Barnet rejected Theresa Villiers hard Brexit stance. She voted against the right for EU nationals to remain living in the UK. She also voted to privatise our NHS, underfund our education system and to keep public sector workers on low wages.

Chipping Barnet is broken and Villiers is not interested in fixing it.

Instead, she is 100% behind the Conservative Council who are selling off council services.

Villiers is doing nothing about the lack of affordable local housing or shortage of funding for our schools. She should be ashamed that a recent OFSTED report rated Barnet Children's Services as 'inadequate'.

We will run a dynamic campaign to ensure local people realise their vote can make a difference. By voting Labour, they can choose investment in local services and local people, instead of austerity.

Your donation will contribute to campaign materials and promoting Labour values on social media. Help us build a movement that puts our local residents at the heart of Chipping Barnet. Help us put a Labour MP in Chipping Barnet and a Labour government in Westminster.

That choice is only 353 votes away.

Together we can Vanquish Villiers!

15 Aug 2017

Updates from Chipping Barnet Labour Party

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.