Why you should support the Progressive Alliance

Politics is in crisis, and the social, economic and political impacts of Brexit are hitting home fast. Huge decisions lie in the hands of a small number of people at the top. We must build an alliance to change this.

We need a democracy that listens, responds and puts the people in control. We will not get there by shutting people out or creating divisions; now is the time to unite around what we have in common.

Only an alliance across parties, people and movements can start to build something new. We are joining together to work out what this alliance could look like, to campaign for it and make it a reality. We know there's a progressive majority of voters in many marginal constituencies. Mobilising behind a common agenda and candidates could be our best chance of winning the next election and building the future we want.

On July 5, Compass held a mass public meeting with more than 1,000 participants to kickstart this alliance, with Caroline Lucas MP (Green), Clive Lewis MP (Labour), Tommy Sheppard MP (SNP), Vince Cable (Lib Dems), journalist John Harris and Amina Gichinga from Take Back the City. All supported the vision of a Progressive Alliance to win the next election, fix our broken politics and build a better Britain.

Follow-up events have been organised from Liverpool to Frome and Brighton. But to make this alliance a reality locally, regionally and nationally, we need your backing.

We’ve had huge support from members of progressive parties. Not all their leaders get it yet -- some are still stuck in old tribal ways of thinking. So we must build this alliance from below, creating a powerful grassroots movement and organising to persuade the politicians.

Now we are crowdfunding to help build the movement for a Progressive Alliance through meetings all round the country, to engage many more people online and get more leaders onboard. If we hit our target we'll be able to:

  • Organise five high-profile meetings across the country to kickstart the conversations and get more people involved, while providing toolkits and support to many more community-level events;

  • Build support and agreement among a growing number of politicians, parties and movements who can help make this progressive alliance a reality;

Please give whatever you can now to support this campaign, no amount is too big or small – politics isn't working but together we can build something better!

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Photograph: Zak Bond

8 Aug 2016

Updates from the Progressive Alliance

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.