Sweepstake - When will May resign? - Fundraising for Vauxhall Labour Party

Why you should support Vauxhall Labour Party

When will Theresa May Resign?

Enter the sweepstake - a bit of competition with neighbours, the chance to win some dosh, and fundraising for Vauxhall Labour Party. All this for the princely sum of £3.

For every £3 donated, 50% will be added to the Prize Winnings pot and 50% will go to Vauxhall Labour Party

If there is more than one winner, you will share the winnings between you. Tell a friend, the more entries the bigger the prize.

With your entry, leave your name and suggest a date. The person or persons with the nearest date (or maybe bang on!) will win!

You can enter more than once, but don't ruin the fun for everyone else.

Good luck, and MAY the odds be forever in your favour

19 Jul 2017

Updates from Vauxhall Labour Party

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.