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Why you should support Workers' Liberty's website

Workers' Liberty will soon be launching our new, redesigned website. The new site will have a modern design, will be mobile-friendly, easier to read and search. We need your financial help! We want to build up the contents of this site, add to its extensive archive of Marxist literature, regularly update our news and features, and make it even more of a valuable resource for socialists and activists.

We are the people Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson tried to create an anti-Trotskyist scare about! We are proud of the Trotskyist tradition which we draw on. To us, it is about creating a left culture of open democratic debate, something the labour movement badly needs as we debate the way forward after the Corbyn surge. This is the culture we try to promote through our site — for instance, we have a forum for readers' contributions.

The archive includes writings by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg, Gramsci and many other revolutionary Marxists. We also carry a comprehensive selection of articles from the US Trotskyist movement, from the 1930s through to the 50s.

With over 30,000 articles, the regularly updated site also has research and comment written by active socialists and guest academic and heterodox left writers from around the world. We have specialists covering Italian, Greek, Australian and French news. We bring our grassroots knowledge to a comprehensive industrial coverage. We have a much-used blog for London Underground workers.

We do not shy away from critical and controversial debates such as “What is 'left antisemitism'?”, “anarchism versus Leninism”, or “should socialists back nuclear power?” We have many articles on culture (from Art and the Russian Revolution, to jazz and politics), on the historical turning points in world history (the Iranian revolution, wars in the Middle East after 1948, the anti-Stalinist resistance of Solidarnosc), on current global politics (what's happening in Cuba, Venezuela, and Ukraine), and on labour movement history (from Chartism to the 1984-5 miners' strike).

The site also has a range of our own pamphlets and books for sale which cover theories of socialism, the Russian revolution, the historic rise of Stalinism, socialist feminism, LGBTQ rights and more. Many of our online pamphlets are free.

Unlike the Tories or the Blairites we do not have rich backers. Unlike many news sites we do not have, and will never have, a paywall. This is why we need help from readers. Please support us!

11 Jul 2017

Updates from Workers' Liberty's website

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.