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Why you should support Leeds Central Constituency Labour Party

The Labour Party conference in September will be one of the most important for many years. There will be some key policy decisions to be made and proposed changes to the rules, one of which will ensure any future leadership and deputy leadership election will involve candidates from all sides of the party.

Over the past few years, Leeds Central Labour Party have only sent one delegate to conference but with the massive growth of Labour Party membership in recent years our members feel that our CLP need to send as many delegates as we can to this year’s conference to participate and be involved in the decision making processes.

This year we have nominated a full quota of six delegate but unfortunately the CLP finances are not too healthy following the recent General Election campaign and unless we raise at least £1,500 we may be unable to send more than one delegate because of the costs involved. We are looking at ways 'of reducing the cost and keep expenses as low as possible but we will still need to raise some money if to be able to send all six nominated delegates.

It will cost us £839 in delegate and related fees, just to register six delegates, and we then still need to find money to cover the cost of travel and basic accommodation.

If every member donated just £5 we’d raise the necessary funds and have some to spare. However, we realise that some members are pensioners, unemployed or on low income, and simply won’t be able to afford to make a donation. That’s why it’s important for those of you who are able to donate, do so. Any amount, no matter how small will make a massive contribution to our efforts.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

These donations are made to Leeds Central Labour Party and regulated under PPERA 2000. Funds raised by this website are to be specifically used for the costs of delegates attending conference including fees, subsistence, travel expenses and accommodation where needed Any surplus collected to be carried forward to the next financial year. If you wish to donate £500 or more, please contact Leeds Central CLP directly.

2 Jul 2017

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As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.