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Why you should support Get Rid of Rudd – Hastings and Rye Fighting Fund

Tory Home Secretary and leadership hopeful, Amber Rudd, has used the people of Hastings and Rye as a convenient stepping-stone in her political career.

We cannot forget that she only chose this area because she ‘wanted to be within two hours of London’ or that she finds Hastings residents ‘depressing’. Amber Rudd promised so much, including high-speed rail, but she has not delivered for the people who live here.

She scraped a win by a tiny majority – just 346 votes, because so many people living in Hastings and Rye have started to see her for what she really is – a career politician, with her eye on Number 10 and no interest in local people and their problems.

Amber Rudd said there’s ‘no magic money tree’ but was happy to give a £1 billion pay out to the DUP as part of a grubby deal to hang on to power in Westminster. A few days later, she voted against ending the public sector pay cap, leaving our teachers, nurses, cleaners and porters struggling to make ends meet.

Hastings is the town that inspired the famous socialist novel, 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist'. Labour are proud of our history, proud of our town and proud of our people. Now we need your help to elect someone who will be equally proud to represent us.

In June 2017, we increased our vote by nearly 10,000 – next time, we intend to win.

Please donate to our fighting fund so we can buy campaign materials and promote our campaigns on social media. Together we can beat Amber Rudd, get a Labour MP for Hastings and Rye and a Labour government in Westminster.

Thank you

Momentum Hastings


Money donated will go towards Hastings Momentum and Solidarity for their campaigns against Amber Rudd when the election is next called.

27 Jun 2017

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