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We’re holding a series of the biggest picnics London has ever seen! On Saturday 9th July we held a huge picnic in Green Park, people from all over London came together to discuss what we do next after the Brexit vote. We're already planning our next Picnic Assembly.

So let’s picnic together for the country we want -- and share our feelings and ideas about where we’re at and what we should do next.

Brexit threatens everything we hold dear. We’re worried our voices will no longer be heard. We know people have been lied to and establishment politics isn’t working. We need to listen to each other’s views to figure out what’s wrong and put it right.

In the end this is our democracy. Let's take back our future, instead of letting Theresa May or David Davis hijack it.

None of us right now has all the answers. So let’s come together. What’s more British than a massive summer picnic? Come one come all -- these events in communities across London are an an opportunity to come together, make your feelings heard, begin to build consensus, and hopefully, turn the emotion of the referendum result into positive action.

But to build this and future assemblies in which to provide a focal organising point for a new movement we need your help!

Are you in? Please give whatever you can to our Crowdpac.

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6 Jul 2016

Updates from More In Common

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.