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When you argue with your uncle who’s a little bit racist, do you actually change his mind? If you’re drawn into a Facebook fight with a Brexit-supporting friend, do they ever switch to your side? With your help, I’m creating a podcast that markets a progressive message for ordinary people.

I believe Brexit and Trump were communication failures. We progressives solve problems in ways that make people’s lives better, but we didn’t successfully sell that last year. I think we made a common mistake in politics - assuming facts speak for themselves and the winner is whoever has the better ones. Yet people often believe something is true because it feels right to them, and they only really look for proof that backs up their instincts. The best way to change someone’s mind is to tell them a story that is emotionally appealing, then supply the facts reinforcing your narrative. In 2016, in America and Britain respectively, Trump and the Leave campaign told emotionally engaging stories that contained just enough circumstantial evidence — and they won.

Open Country wants to beat them at their own game and make Britain a more open, prosperous place again. By crafting persuasive stories for you to use on your reactionary relatives, we hope to change public opinion - and take our country back to its pre-Brexit path. The first episode is now available, and you can subscribe on iTunes here.

22 Jun 2017

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