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How can we take our country back to its pre-Brexit path? With your help, I want to create a podcast that crafts a message for progressives, explains how they can persuasively communicate it, and inspires them to take action.

My name is Aaron, and, growing up, I believed that the world would inevitably become more open and prosperous. Then Brexit happened. And then Trump. They both pointed to a poor, closed alternative future. When it looked like Theresa May would win a landslide victory in the election, this dystopia also seemed inevitable. Yet I believe that the surprising result has given us a second chance to reclaim our destiny.

Brexit and Trump happened because of a failure of communication: progressives didn’t explain to voters why our values ought to matter to them. We needed to make our taboos tangible to their everyday lives. For several months now, I have been trying to rectify this mistake. In January, I launched a strategy start-up to help causes fighting for a more open world; in the election, I offered free campaign advice to progressive candidates. We could reach farther and wider with a podcast, however, as tens of millions of people tune in to them every month. By broadcasting a message that resonates with our audience and explaining what they can do to make things happen, we can return to where we were going before the catastrophes of 2016.

My inspiration is 'Pod Save America', the flagship podcast of a new media company recently started to resist Donald Trump. Its founders were annoyed with the way that the mainstream media talked about politics, so they decided to create a "no bullshit" platform to inform, entertain, and inspire progressives. 'Pod Save America' now has an average of 800,000 listeners, and ambitious Democrats fall over themselves to get on as guests. Most importantly, though, the show encourages listeners to get involved in politics and activism themselves. This is why it’s a model for our podcast.

If you donate, please email me about why this matters to you and I’ll dedicate an episode to you. Your money will be used to buy recording equipment and cover costs until I can find sponsors and make the podcast financially self-sustainable. If you want to know more, feel free to message me at info@ulixes.co.uk.

We have to get back to where we were going. Something needs to be done, and a podcast for progressives is a start.

22 Jun 2017

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