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Update 06.09.16

Parliament reconvened yesterday after a summer of political chaos. In the House of Commons the MPs responsible for managing Britain’s exit from the European Union failed to explain their plan for doing so, and meanwhile the petition for a second referendum - the biggest online petition in Parliament’s history - was dismissed by the handful of politicians debating it.

On Saturday 3rd September tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the UK in a display of creativity and confidence. We spoke with passion about the benefits of European membership for Britain — a message that was not echoed by any of the Government’s Brexit ministers today.

We refuse to back down and let our futures be decided for us — we will continue to build a movement to voice the things we care about. For this we need help — please consider donating to the campaign as we build networks of people passionate about European unity across Britain and beyond.


50,000 people marched through London on 2nd July to show their opposition to the UK leaving the EU. But as the Brexiteers get a grip on our country’s future, we all need to keep up the pressure. Please help fund a nationwide March for Europe on 3rd September.

Why another march?

On 2nd July we sent out a great message of unity and defiance in the face of the division and turmoil that followed the EU referendum campaign. But the Government is still planning for Brexit and figures such as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are now in positions of real influence. On top of this, the most radical Brexiteers who want total divorce from the EU, are getting organised and putting pressure on the Prime Minister. We need to keep sending a message that the case for remaining in the EU is stronger than ever and that we haven’t gone quiet or given up.

What will the march be like?

The march will be a huge celebration of peace, tolerance and diversity. And a giant shout from the streets to keep the UK as close to the EU as possible. We are asking everyone who comes to wear blue, carry blue banners and paint their face blue – the colour of the EU’s flag.

Together we can create a sea of EU blue showing the press, the politicians and our friends at home and abroad that we stand with Europe.

The last march was addressed by some amazing speakers including Sir Bob Geldof, Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzalez, Tim Farron, Catherine West, David Lammy, Billie JD Porter and Owen Jones. We are planning even more great speakers and entertainment next time.

Why 3rd September?

Parliament reconvenes after the Summer break on Monday 5th September and will be debating the UK’s membership of the EU on the same day. This is a great time to send a clear message to our MPs that Britain is better in Europe.

Hardline Brexiteers will also be starting a big campaign around the same time. When the pro-European voices in politics are so weak, it is up to us to be the voice of opposition.

How will donations be spent?

All funds collected here will go directly towards the costs of organising, holding and promoting the 3rd September march. This includes liaising with police and local authorities, getting the word out through the media, booking speakers, dealing with marchers' queries, paying for the platform, audio-visual equipment and other infrastructure, co-ordinating stewards and many other elements. The more we raise, the bigger and better the march will be and the more impact we can all have.

Everyone who donates will have their name listed on a ‘roll of honour’ on the March for Europe website which will also be projected on the big screen at the march (unless you have requested anonymity).

See all the information about the march on September 3rd here on the Facebook event page.) The march starts at 11am from 30 Park Lane, and will finish in Parliament Square.

(You can find out more about March for Europe here.)

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25 Jun 2016

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