Why you should support the TipLondon Fund

Raising money to cover the lost tips of Borough Market restaurant staff, and to contribute to charities helping first responders and those who witnessed Saturday 3 June's awful acts of terror around London Bridge

I was sitting with three friends in the heart of Borough Market – a gorgeous restaurant called Arabica Bar and Kitchen – on Saturday 3 June 2017 when three Daesh-inspired cowards drove a hire van over London Bridge, crashed on the south side and went on a killing spree in my favourite part of the best city in the world.

Borough Market security staff alerted the restaurant where we were sat – at the table nearest the door – that something mortifying was happening just outside. A young waiter threw himself at the door to block it shut while his colleague desperately found the key. I witnessed people throwing stuff at the assailants and since have heard stories of brave staff and restaurant patrons doing all they could to keep each other safe and stop those men of hate.

Borough Market reopens for the first time since that awful attack. We all assume their bosses will pay them for the hours they have missed but few will have paid the bill on the night, let alone left behind a tip.

If throwing your body weight behind a glass door to stop murderous ideologues hurting your colleagues and customers does not get you your tip doubled, I do not know what does.

Furthermore, restaurants closed for 11 days means – even if their bosses have paid their wages – that many of their staff will be well out of pocket. Certainly when I was a waiter, tips were the difference between meeting the costs of the basics and having the money to enjoy the few hours you do not work. We cannot let any Londoner – whether they grew up here or adopted this great city as their home – be out of pocket because of these vile people.

Can you #TipLondon and do something for these men and women, who have to make a living in one of the most expensive cities on the planet? Giving just what you would normally tip on a night out – maybe even doubling it – could make a huge difference.

In addition to the money that goes straight to bar, kitchen and restaurant staff, 15 per cent of all money raised will go to MIND Blue Light – the charity project for mental health support for 999 first responders – and another 15 per cent for the Samaritans – who are providing so much support to those who need to talk through the trauma they witnessed.


13 Jun 2017

Updates from the TipLondon Fund

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.