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Given the Tory government’s attack on the poor, Labour needs to win the next General Election, with Jeremy Corbyn and our strong support. Jeremy’s platform and popularity is based on a clear anti-austerity message – a firm break with the previous consensus.

As a long and committed member I am here to serve; taking the fight to the Tories; winning support and helping to develop the radical and bold policies for social justice and change.

I am a Councillor at the London Borough of Islington where I hold lead member responsibility for Environment and Transport. I am a member of the Labour Party’s London Regional Board. I have fought for decades against racism and all forms of discrimination. I was formerly the Director of Westminster Equality Council and also the Director of Bath and North East Somerset Equality Council. I pioneered London’s first Multi-Agency Race Hate Crime forum. I was one of the founders and former chairperson of Operation Trident with an aim to transform the relationship between London’s policing and local communities, whilst tackling the disproportionate effect of gun crime across London. I gave a significant amount of my volunteer time and effort to challenge the police and other agencies to do more and keep communities safe; I was often heard on Radio 4, ITV, BBC and Channel 4 news and on local London radio.

I am standing for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to ensure the voice of ordinary party members is heard. I will continue to press the case for more accountability, transparency and democracy in our Labour Party – no member should ever feel ignored or powerless. I want to work hard to ensure this principle is fully realised for all. I believe the Labour Party should continuously strive to ensure a rule book that is clear to ordinary people.

I support Jeremy Corbyn’s clear anti-austerity stance and work to deliver a Labour Government committed to a plan for public investment and jobs that can get the economy growing, so that all can benefit, not just the few. Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership with a huge, overwhelming mandate and I believe our role as ordinary party members is to unite behind this leadership towards ensuring that we win in 2020. I believe the National Executive Committee has a crucial role to play towards ensuring through listening, challenge and debate that we are fit for purpose and ready for power. I would like the opportunity with your help to contribute to that agenda.

As a working class Black woman from the East Midlands, I experienced childhood poverty, discrimination and inequality. My parents worked hard but because of the poor pay they received struggled to make ends meet. Consequently, I am all too aware that the structural causes of in-work poverty are low pay and corporate greed, the introduction of the minimum wage was important but we have to do more to tackle poverty wages and workers’ rights.

We know with a Labour government we can do significant and great things, not least in civil and equal rights, restoring dignity to pensioners, giving opportunities in education, training and work to the young and investing in our communities. I believe in a Labour party that stands up for equality and social justice, which is why I have campaigned in every local, regional and national election for as long as I can remember. In London, I worked very hard to ensure the success of Labour’s Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London in the race for City Hall. His Tory opponent ran one of the most blatantly racist campaigns in modern British history, which Londoners overwhelmingly rejected. I reject divisive, negative politics, together, we must challenge concentrations of power, inequality and social injustice. As an equalities grassroots campaigner throughout my life, I’ve been a progressive voice; championing civil liberties, challenging racism, opposing the scapegoating of migrants and refugees, standing up for trade union rights and defending public services and council house-building.

I have been Vice-Chair of my CLP (Islington South and Finsbury) and secretary of my branch (Bunhill Ward). I have worked, lived and campaigned in Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham, Erewash, Reading, Leeds and Bath and North-East Somerset.

Like Jeremy Corbyn, I believe in straight talking and honest politics.

Jeremy Corbyn is transforming the Labour Party. But he cannot do it on his own.

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I am a member of Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, the Co-operative Party, BAME and Labour Women’s Network. I am also a member of the following trade unions Unite, GMB and Unison.

Telephone: 07973816885 | Email: | Twitter: @claudiawebbe

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17 May 2016

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