Clear Wallasey CLP of false abuse allegations

Why you should support Wallasey CLP

In July, Wallasey CLP was suspended by Labour HQ because of allegations by its MP, Angela Eagle, that she had suffered 'homophobic abuse' by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn - in spite of both the Chair and Secretary of the group being proud parents of LGBTQ children.

A report by Labour's NEC last week upheld the allegations, in spite of deep inconsistencies and the fact that other accusations had already been proven false.

Wallasey's suspension continues. On resumption the party will be put into 'special measures' and some members face personal sanction, including possible expulsion, because of accusations that the vast majority of members insist are politically-driven and designed to protect incumbent office-holders who admitted they face deselection by Corbyn-supporting members unhappy with their behaviour.

Wallasey Labour members vigorously refute the allegations and need to raise a fighting fund for legal action to clear the name of individuals as well as to reinstate the CLP on normal, unrestricted terms.

This is vital for the Labour party and for natural justice, as well as for the people directly involved.

Please support them by donating to this Crowdpac crowdfunder.

Any unused funds will be donated to others in similar situations or to another good cause if no similar case is ongoing.

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26 Oct 2016

Updates from Wallasey CLP

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