ONE WEEK to help young women make their voices heard in the general election

Why you should support #SHEvotes

This crowdfunder has now ended. Any donations made after 8 June will be refunded.  

Young women aren’t voting, and we have one week to change that.

In all recent elections they have beenare the least likely group to vote, and the biggest group of undecided voters.

Yet the decisions made by the next government will affect them and their families, for many generations to come.

This election, we want the voice of young women to be heard. This isn’t about telling young women how to vote - it’s about telling them their vote matters and getting them to use it.

#SHEvotes has been created by a network of creative professionals and campaigners - who are all working voluntarily to produce powerful, engaging content that we hope will inspire more young women to vote.

Our goal is to increase turn-out of young women (18-34) at the 2017 General Election on 8th June, 2017 by delivering a series of inspiring, funny, irreverent, attention-grabbing interventions in the last few days of the General Election campaign. These interventions will include films, stunts, and a lot of beautiful and funny shareable content (gifs, memes etc). We will be working with celebrities and influencers that our target audience loves and relates to.

Your money will be used to:

Print 1000 stickers reminding women to vote

Get our messaging onto digital billboards

Make sure more young women see our films on social media

Help us get coverage in the national press

Our aim is to use social to target our online content at young female voters and to use PR to get the narrative about the power of the young female vote into both mainstream media and online media channels that are popular with young women.

Our work will be non-partisan because research shows that non-partisan messaging has the most success in encouraging non-voters to vote.

All of #SHEvotes creative work is being done voluntarily by our brilliant network - but we do have some costs - including for materials, for digital billboards and for advertising on social media (so that we can be sure that our target audience sees the amazing content that we are producing). We may also need to pay someone to paint a huge mural of Wonderwoman!

We really hope you will want to help us make sure that young women's voices are heard in this election. Because this feels more important than ever.

Thank you.

The #SHEvotes Team

1 Jun 2017

Updates from #SHEvotes

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.