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This summer Labour Party members have a chance to elect 6 members to the National Executive Committee. This is our opportunity to change the party for the better and elect people who we believe will fight for members voices to be heard.

I’m 25 years old and am currently elected Women’s Officer for Scottish Young Labour and Co-chair of the Cooperative Party Youth and Scottish Labour Young Socialists, previously sitting on the London Young Labour Executive.

I grew up in Eastwood, West Scotland. After studying and working down south, I moved back home to take on the role of a full time carer. I am now a Branch Secretary for GMB in Glasgow and an active member of Scottish Labour.

I am running for those Labour supporters throughout Scotland who are looking at a very different electoral situation than the rest of the UK. We need a Labour Party that offers a genuine alternative to the inequality of conservativism and the inertia of nationalism.

We must engage with our new and growing membership. The Labour Party must be the exciting alternative that they signed up for and reflect the values of the leader they voted for. Britain needs a strong, united Labour Party that can deliver a confident and credible democratic socialist agenda and a country with fairness and equality at its heart, standing against Tory austerity to improve the lives of working people across borders.

I am a committed socialist and Momentum activist and am proud to be standing in this NEC election as part of the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance slate and as the backed nominee of the Momentum movement.

With your support I will work to empower members, local parties, and activists; to fight for a more democratic party that can deliver change ­and ultimately, deliver victory.

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Support from Crowdpac users

39 people are supporting Rhea Wolfson on Crowdpac.

  • Catherine Dixon

    “Why not”

  • Brian Gent

    “I am a moderate left. Certain members of the established Labour Party have used underhand tactics to manipulate events. Research leads me to believe this candidate represents a much needed aspect to the healthy cauldron that is the current Labour situation.”

  • Jim Carr

    “Rhea's political and economic position aligns itself with my own.”

  • James Wright Fisher

    “She's a woman and a lefty just like me”

  • Peter Morton

    “I support Rhea Wolfson because her views are almost identical to my own.”

  • Angeline Hargreaves

    “Because she supports Jeremy Corbyn”

  • Crowdpac UK

    “She's an amazing young activist”

11 May 2016

Updates from Rhea Wolfson

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