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My name’s Bex Bailey and I’m standing for Labour’s NEC to make our Party fairer.

I joined Labour because we're the party of equality. We've done great things in government to make our society more equal - and will do so again.

But if you're working class you still can't afford to stand for election in the Labour Party and if you're a woman you still face sexism and harassment. We need to put our values into practice within our own party, so everyone can get involved.

I’ve spent the past three years as the youth representative on the NEC and have focused on helping young women get involved in the party. From leading a grassroots campaign to tackle youth homelessness to organising campaign days across the country I’ve never stopped fighting for members and fighting for equality.

I’ve done a lot but there’s more to do.

I’m fighting for: A proper say in policy for all members A comprehensive sexual harassment and bullying policy – because no one should feel intimidated or unsafe Regional representation on the NEC and better resources for local parties A more welcoming party, where everyone can get involved and stand for election, no matter how much they earn A party united around our values from the grassroots up, and focused on beating the Tories

I’m working really hard but I can’t do it on my own. I want to hear your views and work with you to make our Party more equal.

As your representative I’ll never stop fighting for members, fighting for equality, and fighting to beat the Tories. I really hope I can count on your support.

Thank you.

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  • Dominic O'Dell

    “She is the true voice of equality in the Labour Party! And she is passionate and committed! I really admire her!”

10 May 2016

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