Why you should support the Liberal Democrats

The Conservatives – supported by a weak Labour party – are dragging us towards an extreme and disastrous Brexit.

If Theresa May succeeds in ripping Britain out of the Single Market, future generations will pay the price. They will be cut off the technological, social and financial opportunities that Europe has to offer.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party standing up to May's Conservatives on this.

But we need your help.

We’ve got less than two weeks to deliver our positive, pro-European message to the voters we need to reach. This is the only way to elect more Liberal Democrat MPs who will fight an extreme Brexit.

Your donation today will pay for letters, leaflets and and online adverts to reach the pro-European voters we need to win more seats on the 8th June.

Donate to our campaign today and help keep our country open, tolerant and united! Then please share this appeal on Facebook and Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: Any donation greater than £500 must be from a permissible source. Please ensure you are on the electoral register and be aware that we will require your contact details and address. We will contact you within 30 days of your pledge to check your address; these details will not be shared with third-parties and will only be used for compliance with the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000. Anonymous donations will not be accepted.

Donations to political parties, including sponsorship, are regulated by the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000. Donations of over £500 are only accepted if they are from permissible donors.

These are: individuals on a UK electoral register, UK Trade Unions, companies incorporated within the EU and registered and trading in the UK, Limited Liability Partnerships, UK unincorporated associations and UK building or friendly societies. Further information about donations and crowdfunding for political candidates can be found here.

26 May 2017

Updates from the Liberal Democrats

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.