Why you should support The People for Jeremy Corbyn

The mainstream media is biased, there is no doubt about it. It's almost impossible for Jeremy Corbyn to get a fair shout in the news. We are a small collective of volunteer filmmakers who want Britain to have a progressive government headed by Jeremy Corbyn.

We aim to make short punchy films and memes that outline some of the major differences between Jeremy and other party leaders.

Not many people will actually get around to reading manifestos- and the Tories are getting away with murder - with near zero scrutiny of their arguments in the media.

We want people to know there is a real alternative in this election and if the press wont tell them, we will.

We want to produce 10 films in the next 2 weeks, like the one above, but to do it that quickly and to do it well we need your help!

We wont pay ourselves a penny, we will spend the money on renting locations, hiring a few actors, and renting specialist equipment. We also want to spend money on social media, promoting the videos so people out side of the left wing bubble get to see them.

Making a film like the one above and promoting it to tens of thousands of swing voters on social media costs us around £500.

We are asking for £5000 to help us make ten films and promote them on social media. If we don’t raise all the money we will produce what we can, if we raise more we will make as many as we can in the time left.

We are willing to give our time and skills, to spread a message of hope and change, can you support us with a little money?

If you’re a professional filmmaker and want to help, or if you have made a video and want us to help promote it on social media please get in contact.

Check out our Twitter here

24 May 2017

Updates from The People for Jeremy Corbyn

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.