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Once again this election is going to come down to the choices of several thousand swing voters in key seats across the country. If we don’t want a Tory majority we need to be clever about how we reach those voters, and we have a plan.

At the 2015 general election the Tories spent over £1 million on Facebook advertising. During the EU referendum last year Vote Leave spent 98% of their marketing budget on targeted social media ads. This month the Tories have launched a series of vicious attack ads in marginal seats.

These effective campaigns prioritise Facebook advertising because they know it influences undecided voters. We are making a big mistake if we fail to respond.

We don’t have the millions from rich donors that those campaigns used to target swing voters on Facebook. But if we come together we can create our own targeted advertising for people in marginal seats, funded a little bit by all of us.

Tell The Real Story released our website Can You Trust Theresa? last week and already many thousands of people have seen and shared it. But we want to make sure undecided voters in marginal seats see it. And the best way to do that is targeted advertising on Facebook.

With your help we can make sure swing voters get the full facts on why we can’t believe a word Theresa May says. Our team includes writers and designers who will produce graphics and messages aimed at undecided voters rather than the progressives targeted by other campaigns.

We will focus on a small but crucial selection of key marginals, so – even without the backing of millionaires – every £1000 we raise will make a difference.

Don’t let the Tories go uncontested in the battle for Facebook once again. Match their millions from rich donors with a small contribution of your own. Together we can tell the real story about Theresa May’s government to undecided voters and change the course of this election.

21 May 2017

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