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Digital Liberties is a coalition of activists, techies, academics and entrepreneurs who have come together to campaign for the British Parliament to adopt a Digital Bill of Rights. Over the past few decades, the advent of ubiquitous network computing has opened up new dimensions in the way human beings relate to each other. Across the globe, billions of us are now connected together through the internet and social media. We must deal with the challenges posed by this technological revolution: big data, mass surveillance, public access, copyright reform and computer literacy. We must ensure that our digital technologies are positive, empowering and enhancing to us as human beings.

We know that human communities flourish when people know how to trust one another. Our long historical experience has shown this. We now need to nurture this trust by discussing and defining the key digital rights which we should extend to one another. If we wish to preserve and enhance our democracy, these on-line freedoms must be transformed into the law of the land.

The Brazilian legislature has already adopted its own Internet Bill of Rights and the Icelandic and Italian parliaments are working on their own declarations of digital liberties. Now it is time for the birthplace of individual freedoms join them by devising a new Magna Carta for the information age.

Over the summer, members of the British public will be asked to crowd-source the text of the Digital Bill of Rights by choosing, amending or suggesting clauses on the Digital Liberties website. When this process is completed, the final version will be proposed as legislation in the next session of Parliament.

We have the support and backing of the Labour Party, the Green Party and members of Parliament from all main parties. But that’s not enough.

Over the coming months we want to reach as many as possible. But to do that we need your help, we want to raise £5,000 to help get the word out.

Can you help?

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25 Apr 2016

Updates from Digital Liberties

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