Sue Hayman, Labour candidate for Workington

Why you should support Sue Hayman

"I have worked as a strong voice for our area in Parliament. If re-elected I will continue my fight to ensure the needs of local people are a priority for the government."

My priorities for the constituency and West Cumbria are;

  • I will continue to fight to retain services at the West Cumberland Hospital, keep inpatient beds at community hospitals, and invest in social care and mental health services.
  • I strongly support the nuclear new-build at Moorside and our workforce at Sellafield, as Chair of the All Party Group on Nuclear Energy.
  • I will fight for flooded residents and businesses, ensuring that we get the necessary investment in flood protection schemes and that flood insurance is affordable for all.
  • I will campaign for the much needed investment in current infrastructure - our main roads, railway, high speed broadband, and mobile phone connectivity.
  • I will fight for investment in education and skills. We need to tackle our serious recruitment problems by "growing our own", locally training more teachers, doctors, and nurses.

Promoted by Celia Tibble on behalf of Sue Hayman, both at West Cumbria Trades Hall, 39 Brow Top, Workington, CA14 2DP.

Sue Hayman may contact you using the information you supply. Donations to meet the costs of candidate election expenses are regulated by the Representation of the People Act 1983. By making a donation to this campaign I understand and accept the following: If I am making a donation of more than £50 checks will be made to ensure my name is included on a UK electoral register (excluding the Isle of Man and Channel Islands). My name and the amount I have donated will be included in the candidate return submitted after the election. This information will be available for public inspection on request, although my home address will not be made public. The money you use to make a donation must be from your own funds. This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to the Sue Hayman campaign. UK companies, limited liability partnerships, trade unions and unincorporated associations may also make donations. Please contact the team on 07708930739 for more information.

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16 May 2017

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