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Former Royal Navy Commodore, Gareth Derrick, is Labour's candidate for South East Cornwall at the General Election on June 8th. He needs your help to beat Sheryll Murray, the Conservative defending the seat.

Gareth doesn't have big business or other large donors to fund his campaign so needs your donations.

Gareth is a unique Labour candidate at this election having completed his career of 36 years with the Royal Navy in 2013. His early appointments were in nuclear attack submarines and later on the project team that introduced the VANGUARD class "Trident" submarines in 1994. He saw active service in both the 1991 Gulf War and 2003 Iraq War. He served as Defence Attaché to our Ambassador in Tokyo from 2007-2010. Promoted to Commodore, his final posting was in command of the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Reserve forces, contributing significant specialist and commando personnel to military operations around the world.

Gareth was Labour's candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall in 2016 where he stunned the Conservative opposition by almost winning. He has continued to build his political credentials and sparred on the 'Sunday Politics' with Sheryll Murray over education funding and Conservative cuts. He is delighted to have the chance to represent Labour again in Cornwall. In 2016 he polled over 66,000 first preference votes across Devon & Cornwall taking 22% of the overall vote, including 15,061 in Cornwall.

Navy Whites Uniform Marine Green Uniform

Above left, Commodore Derrick at Navy Command HQ in 2013. Above right, Gareth with the Royal Marine Reserve undergoing weapons training in Scotland.

The constituency of South East Cornwall has a long history of association with our Royal Navy. Torpoint, for example, is home to HMS Raleigh which is the UK's largest Naval Training Base. Immediately adjacent to Torpoint is the Devonport Dockyard and HM Naval Base Devonport, combining to make Europe's largest Naval Base. Gareth has also worked ashore in the Naval Base, supporting warships and training submarine crews. Working for the MOD in 1997, he developed and implemented a 10 year integrated support contract for nuclear submarines, with much of the work taking place at Devonport.

Four candidates are standing at this election but Gareth is the only realistic opposition to the Conservatives. He clearly has the experience and knowledge to serve the people of South East Cornwall in Parliament.

You can find out more about Gareth's campaign on his Facebook page.

Promoted by Chris Cuddihee on behalf of Gareth Derrick both of Lockyer Hall, Alfred Street, Plymouth PL1 2RP

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13 May 2017

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