Why you should support Momentum

There isn't much time, and we have a lot to do. For the first time in a generation, there is a real alternative to the status quo. But this election is being dominated by spin, fear and a media run by elites. Ordinary people are being shut out.

The media doesn't decide who will govern Britain: you do. A third of the Sunday Times Rich List may be donating to the Tories, but hundreds of thousands of people are out campaigning for Labour. And research shows that the most effective way to win elections is still for people to have real conversations. If we get tens of thousands of people to have hundreds of thousands of conversations on the doorstep, we can win this.

We have a plan to make this happen.

  1. Campaign Weekends - Every weekend we’re organising campaign weekends in marginal constituencies across the country. We’ve already organised 16 in just two weeks, and we plan to do 50 by June 8th. In many places the turnout for canvassing sessions has more than doubled, with some seeing hundreds attend.
  2. My Nearest Marginal - Canvassing takes time. So why not make it count? We’ve launched the new tool mynearestmarginal.com, you enter your postcode and it reveals your nearest marginal and upcoming campaigning sessions - and gives you the opportunity to carpool to and from each marginal. In the Stoke by-elections we used a similar app that meant every door was knocked on and every voter spoken to. Within 24 hours of launching the tool we had 300,000 visits!
  3. Call for Labour - Momentum has nearly 24,000 members. If each of us have ten conversations on the doorstep, we’ll make a huge difference. With Call for Labour, our members call other supporters from the comfort of their living room and get activists living near marginals trained up and out on the doorstep. In the leadership election we used a similar app that made over 100,000 calls. This campaign we can do even more.
  4. Bernie Sanders organisers - We’re lucky enough to have senior organisers over from the Bernie Sanders campaign. This means we’ve been able to run trainings to introduce new Labour supporters to doorknocking, and make existing activists even more effective. We’ve already done this for hundreds of activists across the country, and we plan to run at least 30 by June 8th!

With your help, we can take this people-powered movement and cutting-edge technology further and keep mobilising activists to have the conversations that will win this election.

We’ve got four weeks to beat Theresa May. Four weeks to elect the Labour party on a socialist platform.

If you’ve never donated before, now is the time. If you’ve donated before, we need your support again.

This is urgent. We’ve got less than a month. Put our plan into action. Stop Theresa May.

UPDATE: In the first 24 hours alone, we've almost met our initial goal of £50,000. Now we're moving to a stretch goal of £100,000 so we can do even more. The tide is turning - this is our chance to take on Theresa May. Together, we can do this.

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12 May 2017

Updates from Momentum

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