Why you should support the Progressive Alliance

We’re seeing the worst of the old politics this election. Our country has never seemed so divided and the risk of a Tory landslide is growing.

But a new hope is rising from the grassroots: a surge of people who want to do things differently. If we vote together for the strongest progressive candidate, we can beat the Tories in many marginal seats -- while sowing the seeds of a new and better politics!

The Progressive Alliance is a driving force for this uprising. Local campaigns and alliances have sprung up in dozens of places since the snap election was called.

With our support, amazingly, many candidates have even stood down for each other – and in many more places, party activists have started focusing on constituencies they can win, instead of fighting each other.

With less than a month to go, we urgently need to take this movement to the voters – talking to them on doorsteps, spreading the word online and in the media, and sharing our Vote Smart tool with millions more people in marginal constituencies.

This campaign is your campaign. It’s the biggest political challenge any of us have ever taken on – and our success depends on you. We don’t have big donors to fall back on. The political establishment will fight us all the way.

Please donate whatever you can afford now to this Progressive Alliance crowdfunder on this page!

Amazing things are happening locally -- we want to super-charge them. We’ll be working with as many local alliance campaigners as we can, from Brighton to Manchester, from Ealing to Carlisle. In Surrey a mass meeting of brave Labour, Lib Dem, Green and other activists voted to unite behind doctor Louise Irvine’s exciting challenge to Jeremy Hunt -- and across the country our Vote Smart tool makes clear where Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green is best placed to win.

We are uniquely placed to make the difference. Instead of backing any single party, our campaign will rally progressives to vote together for the best placed candidates to stop the Tories in dozens of battleground seats. Just a couple of hundred thousand votes nationwide could tip the balance -- and as a non-party campaign, we can work independently, spend money smartly and make a big impact.

We’ve done everything so far on a shoe-string -- with £50,000 we could make a real impact in the final month. If enough of us stand up to campaign together, donate together, then vote together, we could yet make this an election like no other – one driven by the people, instead of just the party HQs and the media.

£27 funds 500 posters. £50 helps us reach 1,000 people in target seats on social media. £100 or more can help organise innovative campaigning events across the country, based on the best knowhow of our friends in the Bernie Sanders team and Podemos.

In 13 of the last 16 elections, a Progressive Alliance would have defeated the Tories. Even if we can’t get the government we want this time, we can elect as many progressive MPs as possible – and start building a new alliance for a new politics.

We start today. Please give whatever you can now on this page -- and let’s take this movement to the voters together.

Promoted by Neal Lawson on behalf of Compass, both at 11-12 The Oval, Bethnal Green, London E2 9DT

12 May 2017

Updates from the Progressive Alliance

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.