Why you should support RIZEUP.ORG

To be represented, we need to represent. Two thirds of under 25s feel excluded by the system but not voting makes sure they ignore us.

Along side our partner organisations Rize Up managed to get over 2million people under thirty to register to vote, smashing every registration record.

Now the task shifts to making sure every one who registered gets out and actually votes.

We have some big plans, involving some of the countries leading music artists. But to make our plans a reality we need to raise 40k.

We proved we can make things happen by getting people to register now we need your help to make sure they vote.

If you can support us, please donate. Every penny will help us move towards the highest voter turn out in decades.

So many have been excluded from the democratic process for so long, this is our chance to change that and rize up together.

8 May 2017

Updates from RIZEUP.ORG

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.