Why you should support Campaign Together

Still believe Theresa May is going to win a landslide on June 8th? We don’t, and we have a plan to stop it.

We want to mobilise thousands of activists to facilitate a massive expansion of tactical voting among people who want to keep the NHS, support a diverse Britain and guard against a hard Brexit.

We need your help to raise vital funds to enable us to support the greatest number of people to be out in the streets, on doorsteps and in voting booths to stop the Tories.

Each and every door knocked. Each and every conversation. Each and every vote makes a difference.

Our current voting system doesn’t work. ‘First Past the Post’ means millions of votes don’t count. In 2015, just 700 votes across a few key constituencies granted the Tories a majority while more people didn’t vote than voted for any single party.

This year, a Tory landslide is not an inevitability. Though progressive party leaders are refusing to campaign together to stop the Tories, we can!

Through encouraging people to register to vote, vote tactically and go out and canvass, we will mobilise thousands all over the country to campaign together against the Tories.

Our plan

To put it simply, we’re going to talk to people. And a lot of them.

Real-life conversations (canvassing) have the best chance of getting people out to vote. The 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was won by this model of grassroots organising. Working together outside of traditional party allegiances is the best chance we have of defeating the Tories. In the 2015 Canadian elections, progressives worked together across political parties to defeat the Conservatives. And they won.

Canvassing is a voter contact technique used by political organisations to gauge people’s support for a candidate. It’s the party faithful going street to street, knocking on doors and talking to voters. It’s simple and it works.

We’ll rally an army of canvassers, many of whom are not motivated by a particular party allegiance. Some will have canvassed before for a party but care more about stopping the Tories than tribal politics. Many will never have done this before but are motivated to get active because of the dire prospect of this election’s outcome.

Through our website, it’ll be quick and easy to see what you can do in your local community. What’s more, we’ll mentor, coach and connect our canvassers to the non-Tory candidate most likely to win in their constituency or a nearby, marginal.

When we campaign together, we win together.

The difference we’ll make

We’re doing this outside any political party. And we’ll be the only ones supporting people like you, who know the damage five more years of Tory rule will do! There are thousands who fit into this box. By campaigning together, we can beat the Tories. We can save our National Health Service, protect vital public services, support a diverse Britain and guard against a hard Brexit.

The money bit

We’ve already raised £10k towards making this happen. We need to raise £30k more to have a big impact this election, and many more to come. This is what we’ll spend the money on:

  • £15.4k to hire 6 professional organisers to train and support our canvassers
  • £2k Thousands of phone calls into target seats to turn out voters
  • £1k Office space for our small but perfectly formed team
  • £20k on video and social media advertising, which is shown to reach those outside of mainstream politics.
  • £3k to update our existing website

Who we are

Our team includes the creators of Vote Swap - a platform that reached over 500,000 people in the 2015 election - as well as organisers and strategists from some of the UK’s leading campaigning organisations. We’ve got designers, techies, video makers - everyone’s lined up and ready to stop the Tories this June.

If you feel frustrated with business-as-usual politics and want to change the course of this election for good, donate to us. Join us. Campaign Together with us. Today.

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2 May 2017

Updates from Campaign Together

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.