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Why you should support Progressive Alliance for Cornwall

In Cornwall 57% of voters did not vote Tory at the last election yet all six MP's in Cornwall are Conservative. If you include non-voters then only 30% actually voted Tory.

Our MPs are outposts of Westminster in Cornwall - here to spin and sell the government line - they do not represent Cornish interests at Westminster. As far as this Conservative government is concerned, Cornwall is an unimportant backwater of no political significance. Even in good times, Cornwall remained one of the poorest regions in Europe. Now that Brexit is underway, the potential economic fallout resulting from Theresa May's wrong headed approach is likely to hit Cornwall hardest.

Cuts and privatisation are all the Conservatives know. There is nothing new in what they have to say.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

We need electoral reform and we need progressive candidates who can block a further five years of disastrous Tory rule.

Whether Liberal Democrat, Labour, Green or Mebyon Kernow, all the parties in Cornwall have bolder, more imaginative and progressive policies.

All share a common commitment to:

  • Restore a fully funded health and social care
  • Reduce inequality
  • Protect the environment
  • Promote a green, low carbon economy and create real jobs at a fair wage.
  • Reform our voting system and introduce Proportional Representation.

It’s time we learnt to work together.

This campaign is focused on building a Progressive Alliance in Cornwall. We urge you to vote for the progressive party that stands the best chance of unseating the Conservatives.

Click here to view our leaflet showing you the parties most likely to unseat the Tories in each area of Cornwall at this election.

If we put aside our differences, just once, just for one day, for one vote. We can change the face of Cornwall, and British politics, forever.

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29 Apr 2017

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