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Danny Bamping is known for many things, as a Dragons Den winner, as the founder of the award winning games company Bedlam Puzzles, but now he’s on a different path. Danny is standing as an Independent candidate in this year’s snap General Election in Plymouth. He’s standing with the No Party, a new movement aimed at changing the political conversation, offering a None Of The Above option - through Independence. He wants to appeal to the No Voters (which amounts to some 35% in Plymouth) - as there is clearly No Party worth voting for.

Why No Party?

Millions of people are and have always been fundamentally disillusioned with the main parties and that is why they choose not to exercise their right to vote. Yet, Parliament was never built nor intended for Political Parties and for 650 years it was completely filled by Independents. They represented the people ‘independently’ - their first obligation being with their constituents and not with any party. The Independent vote is the vote Parliament intended you to have and to exercise.

History shows us that all MPs counted themselves as Independents and were not subjected or restricted to the rule of the whip or to the power of the party. When each MP is free to speak their mind and vote the way they want and their constituents want, it’s a different type of politics and it creates a different kind of country.

Today, Independents are a rarity in the House of Commons - although there is one...which is more than UKIP. But again, it doesn’t have to be this way. In 2015 fellow Devon Independent Candidate - Claire Wright - came a very close 2nd to the Tory Candidate and i’m sure it will be even closer this time. Plymouth can also be one of the first cities to progress along with other areas in Devon to be represented in Parliament Independently.

Danny’s Independent Candidacy is also supported by ‘Free Parliament’ a political organisation that has been around for a few years and supports Independent Candidates. He decided to stand after the 2015 Election where in this constituency no Independent Candidate stood - so Danny brought his vote home; stuck it in a frame and hung it on the wall in his lounge, to remind him that next time he would ensure that there was someone on that short list - whom he could trust and vote for.

It’s time to end the council tax scandal

For almost a decade Danny has not paid his council tax; originally it was because of a dispute between himself and a rogue student landlord who bought the neighbouring property to him and converted it from 2 floors with 5 bedrooms; to four floors and 12 bedrooms. This was done without any notice, any planning permission, any building control and fire regulations. As this was half way through development; Danny sought assistance from Plymouth City Council. They investigated, forced the landlord to apply for planning permission; Danny attended the planning hearing and spoke on behalf of the local residents. It was denied unanimously and the landlord fined £4,000 by the council.

During his research into this Danny discovered the Student Properties were fully exempt from Council Tax; and that in Plymouth some 7 years ago - there were over 3,500 registered Student properties in Plymouth alone. Which is around £5M a year that the council is missing out of in terms of income every year (there are more now).

The landlord subsequently appealed to the building inspector in Bristol who then allowed the development to exist; but only with 8 rooms and then listed as a HMO [but STILL council tax exempt]. Danny continued to fight [and not to pay] he then approached Oliver Colvile to see if he could get involved and assist; but despite Oliver’s weak attempts nothing much materialised.

Danny was invited back to the magistrates Court in July 2011; for a ‘Council Tax Liability Order’ - he challenged the summons, and also the jurisdiction of the court itself. The Magistrates failed to respond to his lawful questions and then they decided to abandon court. No order was made; but the council made over 1,000 orders that day in less than 20 minutes and they had kept danny’s order in the ‘bulk order’ which was legally wrong, as he had turned up to challenge it [the amount was wrong as well] On the back of that Void order that didn’t exist, the Council then took him to Bankruptcy for little over £2,000.

When Danny asked for copies of the orders before the bankruptcy the council wrote to him and told him that ‘they did not exist as a physical piece of paper’. His Bankruptcy was found to be unlawful after his LGO complaint uncovered 3 counts of mal-administration. During this time he appealed the bankruptcy and then enrolled in Plymouth University to do a Law degree; he graduated last summer. During this time he has has also to go through the family courts to see his daughter; defend himself from a bank repossession after being in arrears. He did so successfully; keeping his house [which he had placed into a private family trust in 2009] and seeing his daughter on a very regular basis.

He has spent the last 4 years assisting people up and down the country who have been threatened with or jailed for non payment of council tax; he has managed to get several of these ‘civil prisoners’ out; via high court judicial review applications.

He is focused on exposing the unlawfulness of Council Tax and the fake court hearings that happen once a fortnight; standing as an Independent Candidate gives the constituents a choice of voting for a No Party option and gives Danny a platform to communicate to his constituents and the vast difference between him and the ones controlled by a Party, their policies, their whip and a detailed act of Parliament.

Danny Bamping opposes Mr Colviles standing as the CON candidate as he [and others] are currently under investigation for alleged election fraud done in the previous election. As a non practicing lawyer - Danny wants to take this challenge all the way to the High Court - BEFORE; June 8th.

But Danny can’t do this alone - he needs your help. Please donate now to Danny’s crowdfunder and let’s give the Plymouth cosy club of the old parties a run for their money.

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24 Apr 2017

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