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I am standing for election to the Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) in 2016. The NEC sets the party’s objectives and oversees the running of the party nationally.

Labour is in a mess. The 2015 General Election result was a catastrophe. We lost seats and were wiped out in Scotland, despite five years of Tory austerity and the collapse of the Liberal Democrats.

Now Labour has lurched to the left, away from the ordinary voters, not least the working class we are supposed to represent. After the election we failed to listen. I made thousands of calls in phone canvassing sessions in Labour marginal seats, there was a clear message to be heard. Voters in their millions placed a vote of no-confidence in our ability to lead and on matters of economic credibility.

We desperately need a broad, united Labour Party with realistic, credible policies and a total focus on winning in 2020.

If elected to the NEC I will ensure the leadership is held to account and given frank advice about what needs to be done to win in 2020.

I will fight against Hard Left factionalism and any attempts to institute new partisan rule changes. I will work to prevent the Momentum faction becoming a bridgehead back into the party for the entryist far left. I will work tirelessly to defend hard working Labour MPs and councillors from sectarian deselection bids.

Now is a critical time for the Labour Party. With your support, I can return to the NEC and pick up where I left off in 2012 as a strong voice for accountability and transparency, party democracy and upholding the rule-book. With a return to moderate election-winning values and policies, we can fight the next election on our terms.

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  • Isabel Barber

    “He's a top gent”

  • Lohrasb Amjadi

    “He shares most of my views in mainstream politics.”

  • Christos Papageorgiou

    “We share the same values”

  • christine Gibson

    “He thinks the same as me”

  • Anthony Weedon

    “I support Luke Akehurst because his views are almost exactly the same as mine.”

  • christopher curwood

    “We have the same outlook on life as it is not today but could be”

  • David spence

    “He stands for what people believe in.”

  • s holyoake

    “I voted for him in the NEC Elections. Obviously not a bad decision!”

  • Christopher Valentine

    “He is closest to my thoughts”

  • Ryan Elliott

    “Has good ideas to make the country strong again.”

19 Apr 2016

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