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On Thursday the 23rd of June the country will decide whether the lives of every man, woman and child in the UK changes forever. It’s the biggest vote in modern history, something that we can’t go back on - and everyone needs to know how important it is.

But the conversation's being owned by men in suits.

We created We Are Europe because we believe that this debate is about more than money. It’s about giving people the confidence to vote for their values, for their passions, for a future that they can believe in.

But we want to do more. We want to make things that get people really thinking.

Did you see the Boris-Trump mural? That was us.


We were able to commission the talented guys at Paintsmiths to create this piece of artwork in Bristol that went VIRAL. We wanted to get young people talking about the EU referendum and show there is a very real chance that if they do not register and vote in numbers on June 23rd, we’ll be facing a very real Kiss of Death. The mural went viral within hours and we saw it splashed across all UK national media – not to mention CNN and Europe’s biggest media too!

Have you seen #InFor #EUmates – Humans of EU? That was us.

eu mates

We want to show the world that most young people want to stay in the EU. Whether it’s your best friend from Uni, your work mate who makes Monday bearable, or the partner you met on a random bar crawl – European Unions make our lives better and more meaningful when we build on each others cultural strengths. The Crowdpac helped us carry out a ‘Humans of EU’ Instagram campaign & blog to share YOUR stories to show we’re #InFor #EUmates.

Did you see the POSTIT campaign? That was us.


Did you know the recommended deadline to mail your postal vote application was Friday 3rd June? Nor did anyone else - so we took it upon ourselves to let people know. With the additional funds we received, we were able to create a series of fantastic Gifs to launch our #POSTIT campaign to encourage people to mail off their postal vote applications in time & share with their friends and family!

The money from this Crowdpac funds creative projects like these to inspire the UK to wake-up and take this moment seriously. We want to carry on creating videos, GIFs, artwork , events or parties that go VIRAL and get younger people engaged in the debate.

Because if we gamble and leave the EU future generations may never forgive us.

Are you in? Here’s the first step: give whatever you can afford right now.

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19 Apr 2016

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