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Why you should support the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

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The IWGB is at the cutting edge of trade union campaigns for low paid migrant workers and those precariously employed in the so-called "gig economy". The union has campaigned for and won major improvements in terms, conditions and pay rises for workers, from cleaners at the University of London to bike couriers at various delivery companies, including supporting the recent, widely acclaimed Deliveroo strike. The union's most recent initiative has been to become the first ever union to organise foster care workers across the UK.

Alongside campaigns in the workplace, the IWGB has launched a number of ground-breaking court cases to set major political precedents in human and labour rights. This includes challenging the UK's collective bargaining laws in the European Court of Human Rights and challenging bike couriers' employment status in the UK logistics industry.

The IWGB is organising the un-organised, the workers that society and the big trade unions have all too often forgotten about. We are a tiny union with virtually no money nor much ability to raise it given that most of our members are very low paid.

That's why we need your help. We need to run an office, cover admin costs, and if we want to expand and continue winning we need to hire more people. Please give whatever you can afford.

Follow our work on Twitter via @IWGBunion or find out more on our website, here.

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5 Oct 2016

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