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We are factchecking the EU referendum, will you support us?

Full Fact has been the UK’s independent, non-partisan, factchecking charity for the past six years.

We need money to support our research and rapid response factchecking during the EU referendum. We believe everyone should have access to unbiased, impartial information so that they can make up their own minds.

As a charity the law prevents us from taking sides, and we wouldn't even if we could. Our agenda is to help everyone have equal access to the facts.We don’t dumb down the issues or reduce everything to meaningless soundbites. We look at every side of the argument and present the facts and sources so that you can make up your own mind. You can read about our funding and neutrality here.

We’ve had huge impact already - we are regularly quoted in Parliament and the media and our work has already led to official corrections.

We are a tiny team -- we punch above our weight, but we're going to need more help for this referendum. The money you donate will go towards hiring factcheckers, experts on the EU, people who can communicate complex concepts with simplicity and flair, and covering volunteer expenses.

For this Referendum, we're working with legal experts including professors from Cambridge, Durham, Oxford, Edinburgh, Queen Mary, Essex and York university. We're also working with top QCs from Monckton Chambers, immigration experts from Oxford University's Migration Observatory, health experts at the Nuffield Trust and other academics supported by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Everything we publish gets the Full Fact treatment. Everything is researched diligently, checked and double-checked. It's edited to be clear, concise and impartial.

Donate now to support Full Fact and help ensure voters get the best information they can for the EU referendum.

19 Apr 2016

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